11 Tips on how to clean a black enamel stove top without the use of chemicals


You’ve just finished cooking a delicious meal and you’re ready to clean up. You reach for the stove top cleaner only to find that it’s dried out! Don’t worry, we have 11 tips for how to properly clean your black enamel stovetop without any chemicals or scrubbing.

What is a black enamel stove top?

Black enamel is a coating of paint on metal appliances such as stoves and sinks. The black finish looks stylish but it can easily become stained with grease or burned-on food particles that are difficult to remove without proper cleaning.

Are black enamel stove tops worth buying?

While enameled stove tops are often less expensive than smooth, porcelain, or ceramic cook-tops they are also more difficult to clean. They require extra care and maintenance in order to get the best possible cooking experience for your home! They are stylish but they are not the most practical type of stove top for a busy kitchen.

How can I clean my black enamel stove top right after cooking?

First, let’s talk about how to keep your stovetop from getting dirty in the first place! Make sure you use a cutting board or pan that is slightly smaller than your burner. This way all of the food particles get on the product and not directly onto the stove top itself. If there are some stubborn messes left behind after cooking, let them dry completely before trying to remove them.

Tip #1 –

Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently wipe the surface clean. If you are dealing with lots of baked-on food, use salt as an abrasive and rub it into the stains until they’re gone. This works well for burned cheese! Once all of your messes have been scrubbed, use a damp rag or sponge to wipe down the surface once more and then dry with an old towel.

Tip #2 –

If you’ve used salt for your cleaning solution, make sure all of it is removed before turning on the stove top again! This will prevent any corrosion from occurring in your coils when they get hot. Check with your manufacturer’s manual for how long you should wait before using the stovetop again once it has been cleaned.

Tip #3 –

Make sure to check around the knobs as well! If there are any spills or stains that have happened in this area, use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to remove them. This is also good if your handles get dirty from cooking because it can remove any dirt, grease or water spots.

Tip #4 –

If you need to use a cleaner with your stove top in order to get rid of some tough stains, make sure it’s safe for the kind of surface that you have! You should never ever use ammonia on an enameled surface because it will corrode and etch the material.

Tip #5 –

If you are cleaning a gas stove top, try to avoid using water or other liquid cleaners because it will cause pitting in the surface which might lead to leaks. This is not how you want your appliances working when you’re cooking! Instead, use baking soda and salt as an abrasive along with some hot soapy water. You can also use a paste made from salt and water to get into the nooks and crannies of your stove top.

Tip #6-

Make sure you clean inside all of the burners as well! If there is any buildup in these areas it can affect how efficiently they heat up food, so be thorough when cleaning them out.

And now how to clean a black enamel stove top when it has been a while since your last clean?

Tip #7 –

Spritz the stovetop with a spray bottle of water. Use half of a lemon and some salt to scrub off burned-on food stains.

Tip #8 –

Mix baking soda with coconut oil for an all-natural way how to clean your black enamel stovetop without any chemicals or scrubbing! Just rub it in, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wipe it off!

Tip #9 –

To brighten the black stovetop use half a cup of vinegar mixed with warm water. Use this how to clean your black enamel stovetop without any chemicals or scrubbing mixture on burnt stains before wiping it up with paper towels.

Tip #10 –

– Mix one part baking soda with two parts water. Use how to clean your black enamel stovetop without any chemicals or scrubbing the mixture onto a sponge and rub in circles until it’s gone!

Tip #11 –

Pour olive oil on how to clean your black enamel stovetop without any chemicals or scrubbing burnt areas, let it sit for five minutes, and then wipe it up with a paper towel!


So there you have it, folks. You can take care of your black enamel stove top with ease! Just keep in mind that the best way to clean any type of surface is by using a gentle cleanser and water (and maybe vinegar) straight after cooking. After all, who wants to spend half an hour scrubbing their whole kitchen when they could be getting other things done? We hope this blog post was helpful for anyone looking to get rid of those pesky stains on their stovetop. If not, don’t worry-we’ve got plenty more tips coming soon! And if you are someone who loves traveling, check out our favourite Portable Gas Stoves that are in the market. They make on-the-go delicious cooking easy.

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