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You might wonder why a grill mat is a worthwhile purchase. Grill mats don’t affect the life or performance of your grill. But you haven’t taken into account the health of your patio. It’s common for grease and other liquids to spill from the grill. When they land on a concrete patio, they can cause stains and damage. A grill mat absorbs these spills to keep your patio perfect. In addition, grill mats make standing more comfortable during long grilling sessions.

There are a few things to look for when choosing a mat that will protect your patio. The first thing is a mat that’s made from durable, leak-proof materials. The second is to be sure that the mat can withstand the high temperatures associated with barbecuing. And the third is that the mat should be able to cover your entire grill area.

Comparison Table

Brand NameColor Dimensions Warranty
#1. DiversiTech Ultra Grill Mat
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Black 48 x 30 inches 10 years
#2. Montana Grilling Gear Premium Mat

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Black 48 x 30 inches None
#3. The Original Grill Pad

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Gray 42 x 30 inches None

Top Grill Pads for Your Concrete Patio

#1. DiversiTech Ultra Grill Mat

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This grill mat has a better critic rating than any other mat on the market. It provides the best protection of any available mat. Not only will it keep oil and grease from building up on your concrete, but the patio will also be protected from hot embers and sparks.

The durable, flexible rubber material is capable of handling grease spills and splatters at up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, cleaning is simple. All you need to do is spray the mat with water, use some soap, and do some light scrubbing for stain removal.

There are a few potential drawbacks to the DiversiTech mat. It does tend to be a rather expensive option because of how high-quality the material is. The lightweight construction also has the potential to cause problems in windy weather, as the corners may blow up. Since it’s made out of rubber, the mat will inevitably suffer cracks over a period of time.

You get a 10 year warranty for this mat, valid from the date you made the purchase. If there’s any defects in the materials and workmanship, the company will replace your mat. This is an ideal mat for people who live in areas that receive high rainfall.

#2. Montana Grilling Gear Premium Mat

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The Montana Grilling Gear Mat is constructed with absorbent materials. If grease or other substances spill from the grill, the absorbent material saves your patio from grease stains and splatters.

The construction is an environmentally friendly fabric blend that can absorb any liquid. It’s engineered to be leak-proof, so the oils and liquids won’t soak through your pad and stain your concrete. In addition, there’s a non-skid surface that ensures your grill stays in place.

The design is easy to wash. All you have to do is spray it with your hose or give a quick wipe-down with warm, soapy water. It’s also easy to store, since all you have to do is roll up the mat.

This is the most inexpensive option on the list, which makes it great if you’re on a low budget. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. First of all, hot coals might burn through the material, since it’s made from plastic. Water can also seep underneath the mat, so this may not be good if you live in a very rainy area.

It’s also important to clean the mat after you’ve used it a few times. A buildup of grease might attract bugs.

#3. The Original Grill Pad

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This grill pad is an ideal option for any outdoor cooking areas, concrete patios included. Instead of being made with rubber or plastic, it’s constructed out of fiber cement material. This material traps all the oils, grease, and other substances that might fall off the grill. The construction is lightweight, flexible, and highly durable.

To make sure the pad is used safely, there needs to be 24 inches of clearance space between it and the grill. It’s also very easy to clean this mat. You don’t have to scrub. All you need to do is put a little soap on and then spray it with a hose.

This grill mat is significantly smaller than the other two options, though, so it won’t work well for larger grills. In addition, the cement fiber material might be slightly uneven. It’s important to make sure you’re placing the pad on a flat surface to get the best use out of it.

Final Thoughts

A grill mat is the best way to protect your patio from grease and other spills. You’ll extend the life of your concrete and prevent stains.

The best grill mat is one that can absorb material and be easily cleaned. You want a mat that’s safe and easy to use.

The most effective grill mat is the DiversiTech Ultra mat. In addition to protecting from grease, it can also protect your patio from hot coals. Many other mats melt when exposed to hot substances, but the DiversiTech is safe at up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also the only product on the list with a warranty.

If you want an alternative to a rubber mat, the Montana Grilling Gear mat may be for you. This is also the best option for people on a budget, as it has a very economical price. It may not be good for wet areas, though, as water has the potential to seep beneath the mat.

The Original Grill Pad is a durable substance that can lock in all of your grease and other spills. It’s flexible and lightweight. But this option is only good for small grills, as it’s significantly smaller than the other two choices.

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