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Latte art is a concept that’s recently taken social media by storm. People love to see creative artwork done in their coffee cups. If you want to step up your coffee-making game, latte art is one of the best places to start.

You’ll make gorgeous designs at the top of your coffee cup. You can impress both friends and family when you practice with your espresso maker and milk frother!

In the past, people have only been able to buy milk frothers if they’re included in an expensive espresso machine. But thanks to the trend of latte art, many companies are making their milk frothers separately available. They tend to be more affordable than buying a whole machine.

Quick Comparison: The Top Best Milk Frothers for Latte Art

BrandJug or Wand Temperature Options Time Taken for Whip
#1. Nespresso
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Jug 1 temperature setting 1 minute
#2. Epica

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Jug 3 temperature settings 2 minutes
#3. Kuissential

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Wand Does not heat milk 30 seconds

Wand Versus Jug Frothers

Before you decide on any specific product, you need to keep in mind the types of milk frother available. On the market today, you can find wand frothers and jug frothers. The two are slightly different in how they work.

A jug frother uses just one step to heat and froth your milk. The machine uses induction coils to heat the milk inside the container. At the same time, a whisk found at the bottom will create the froth by whipping the milk.

Wand frothers, otherwise known as handheld frothers, are basically whisks with motors. Rather than heating the milk as it whisks, you’ll need to heat the milk separately in its container. After this, you put the wand just underneath the milk’s surface and allow it to be whipped by the whisk.

Wand frothers are smaller than jug frothers. They also tend to be more affordable and powered by batteries. However, they don’t heat your milk.

Cleaning Your Milk Frother

Different milk frothers come with specific cleaning guidelines. Sometimes a manufacturer will tell you the best way to clean your frother.

In most cases, it helps to make a solution of water and white vinegar. Run this through your latte maker. The vinegar will remove any growing bacteria. After you’ve done this, you should rinse the latte maker thoroughly with several fresh water cups.

It’s also helpful to clean your machine’s outside. Get a scrubbing cloth that’s non-abrasive. Use a mild soap solution to wipe your latte maker’s surface after each use.

Every time you use the latte maker, you should go through this cleanup procedure. After you’ve wiped down the outside surface, you can go over it with a dry cloth to make sure the machine dries efficiently.

With all of this in mind, here’s a list of some of the best milk frothers available in today’s market.

#1. Nespresso Aeroccino

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One ideal option is the Nespresso. It has the same basic setup that you find with many other coffee makers. There are two separate disks that allow you to program different settings. You also have an induction heating capability.

This milk frother only has one temperature setting. It heats your milk to a temperature ranging from 160 F to 170 F. This is an ideal temperature for bringing out the sweetness in milk. One potential drawback, though, is that this milk frother isn’t dishwasher safe.

An advantage of the Nespresso is the user-friendly features. It only takes on press of a button to start and stop the machine. You also only need to wait about a minute to have enough foam for any large drink. If you’re a fan of easy use, and you don’t mind the one-temperature construction, the Nespresso is a great option.

#2. Epica Automatic Milk Frother

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This is the best option if you’re on a budget. It’s far more affordable than the Nespresso, but it still provides a user-friendly experience. The Epica utilizes an induction heating system just like the Nespresso. It also shares the Nespresso’s capacity. However, it has 3 heat settings.

The milk frother also includes a stainless steel construction. There’s a built-in carafe that ensures your milk stays at the desired temperature.

The creamy foam lasts for a long time, perfect for use in your artwork. You can use multiple types of milk including nondairy milk, whole milk, and skim milk.

#3. Kuissential SlickFroth

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Unlike the previous two options, this is a handheld frother. This means that it doesn’t heat the milk for you; you’ll have to heat your milk separately.

It’s the best handheld frother option available on the market, beating competing models thanks to its ease of use and durability.

The stainless steel construction ensures this whisk is more durable than the plastic competition. It’s especially easy to use thanks to the rubber grip and ergonomic handle. Starting and stopping is done with one touch of a button.

The whisk reaches full speed in less than one second, so you can fully whip your milk in less than 30 seconds. Another bonus is that the batteries are included. Unfortunately, this model isn’t safe for the dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

The best frother for you will vary depending on what you want. Jug frothers will heat your milk while they whip the froth, while handheld frothers whisk without heating the milk.

The best jug frother on the market is the Nespresso. It’s easy to use and very versatile. However, it tends to be more expensive than some other options. It also doesn’t allow for high-tech temperature control.

If you want more temperature control settings, the Epica may be the best pick for you. This is also a great choice if you need a more affordable option.

The best handheld frother on the market is the Kuissential. This costs significantly less than a jug frother. It won’t heat your milk, but the stainless steel construction ensures it’ll last for a long time. In addition, it includes the necessary batteries for operation.

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