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Whenever you cook any kind of meal, you need to go through the preparation process. Meal prep often involves mixing ingredients or adding seasoning to your food. To do this efficiently, you’ll want a mixing bowl that’s capable of accommodating whatever you’re mixing.

There are hundreds of mixing bowl options available on the market. Bowls are most commonly made of ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel. Each type confers certain advantages and potential disadvantages.

When you’re hand mixing, though, there’s one thing to keep in mind: You can’t hold the bowl still. Whatever bowl you use needs to stay still on its own. A flimsy, cheap bowl will slide all over the counter while you try to mix.

You want a bowl that can stay put. This might be due to a rubber coating on the bottom, or because the weight keeps it steady, or because the unique shape and gravity affect it.

There are other factors to keep in mind when picking the best bowl for you. A lightweight bowl will be easier to carry and maneuver. Lighter weight is particularly important when a bowl has a large volume. The filling will make it heavy enough, without worrying about the added weight of the bowl.

We’ve put together a list of three unique mixing bowls with different volumes, constructions, and purposes. They’re all ideal for hand mixers.

Comparison Table

Brand NameVolume Diameter Height Material
#1. Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

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10.5 quarts 13.7 inches 6.5 inches Earthenware
#2. Kukpo Easy Grip Mixing Bowl

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6.5 quarts 13.4 inches 6.3 inches Plastic
#3. Libertyware 20 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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20 quarts 18.75 inches 5.75 inches Stainless steel

Top Mixing Bowls for Hand Mixers

#1. Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

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This is the middle-sized mixing bowl on the list, with a total capacity to hold 10.5 quarts. The bowl has been constructed out of earthenware that’s both chip and shatter-resistant. Thanks to the durability, the bowl should last multiple years.

One good aspect of this bowl is the weight. Because the bowl is heavy, it won’t move around the counter as you use your mixer. But it’s not so heavy that you can’t hold it in one hand as you pour your batter.

The bowl features a white interior that lets you easily ascertain whether your mixture is smoothing. As for the exterior, there’s a beautiful artistry to the design. In addition, the three-dimensional texture is practical. It’s very easy to grip the bowl.

Don’t worry about cleaning, either. It’s safe to place the bowl in the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, cleaning the batter out doesn’t take long.

There are a number of different size options available. If the 10.5 quart isn’t right for you, a smaller size may appeal.

Because of the durable earthenware construction, this mixing bowl is a little pricey. However, it has a gorgeous aesthetic appeal. If you like to collect kitchenware as much as use it, you might enjoy this piece.

#2. Kukpo Easy Grip Mixing Bowl

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Unlike the previous bowl, the Kukpo mixing bowl is made out of plastic. As such, it’s a great deal less expensive. It’s not just any flimsy plastic bowl, though. The design utilizes sturdy engineering, and the construction uses the highest quality plastic available. The bowl has a modern appeal, and the shiny finish draws the eye in every kitchen.

Plastic tends to be lightweight, so plastic mixing bowls aren’t always a good option for hand mixing. However, the bottom of the Kukpo comes with a rubber surface that prevents skidding. It will stay still on the counter as you mix ingredients. Another convenient feature is the easy-grip handle, which allows you to carry the bowl in one hand and mix with the other.

The total capacity is only about 6.5 quarts, smaller than the earthenware bowl. Still, that’s more than a gallon and a half of potential volume. You’ll easily be able to bake for the entire family, but you also won’t have trouble finding adequate storage space.

Like the earthenware bowl, this bowl is safe for the dishwasher. Cleaning it by hand is also easy.

#3. Libertyware 20 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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For anyone who’s ever worked in a kitchen, you’ve probably seen this mixing bowl. 20 quarts is gigantic, designed for baking in bulk. Even so, the bowl is less than six inches tall. It gains its volume from its 18-inch diameter.

The bowl is constructed from durable stainless steel, so it should stand up to use for multiple years. A mirror finish helps ensure it looks polished no matter what. Unlike many other bowls, the steel is cut extremely thin. This means that the bowl is unbelievably lightweight no matter what.

It’s technically safe to put this bowl in the dishwasher, but it’s likely too large to do so comfortably. Washing it by hand is an easier option.

Final Thoughts

When you’re hand mixing ingredients, you want a mixing bowl that will stay anchored rather than moving around. Beyond that, the best bowl for you will vary depending on your personal aesthetic and needs.

If you need a huge mixing bowl to bake in bulk, the Libertyware is a great option. Not only is it durable and stationary, but it’s also more lightweight than most other bowls with the same volume.

The Kukpo mixing bowl has a capacity large enough to suit most basic family gatherings. However, it’s still small enough for you to store it in the cupboard. The rubber bottom makes it a more convenient bowl than many other plastic options.

If you’re a fan of aesthetically appealing kitchenware, the earthenware bowl may appeal to you. Though it’s rather pricey, the artistry is gorgeous. It’s important to keep in mind that this bowl functions both as a tool and as art simultaneously.

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