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We’ve all heard about the many health benefits of nuts like almonds. Almonds are low in fat, but absolutely bursting with healthy nutrients that give you energy and improve your immune system. In fact, almonds can even help you lose weight.

In fact, almonds have phosophorous, niacin, manganese, copper, vitamin E and are rich in calcium and iron. They’re an absolute superfood that can have many health benefits, from an increased metabolism through to helping to maintain a good PH-balance.

Some studies have even indicated that almonds can help increase the body’s resistance to Alzheimer’s disease.

Best of all, almonds actually taste great. It’s not often that there is a food that is so good for your health, and also tastes amazing!

Almonds are also versatile, and there are many different ways you can get some into your diet. Some popular ways include eating them raw or turning them into delicious almond milk. Another option is to chop them up and have them in smoothies, or sprinkled over cereal.

In order to enjoy almonds any way you want, you’ll want a good quality nut chopper that will do a good job slicing and dicing the nuts. A good quality nut chopper also means that the chopper won’t be damaged by needing to cut the dense nuts.

Let’s take a look at the best nut choppers for almonds available on the market.

Brand NameManual or auto?AttachmentsColour
#1. Prepworks
Our Best Pick

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Manually operatedNoneRed
#2. Edofiy E-KW-D020

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Manually operated3 separate round bladesGreen
#3. Homeleader

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Automatic4 bladesSilver/Black

The Best Nut Chopper for Almonds — at a Glance

#1. Edofiy E-KW-D020 Manual Speedy Cutter

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If you are looking for a simple appliance that is affordable and easy to use, then you’ll love this offering from Edofiy. The value is really unbeatable, as there are three different attachments, meaning that this appliance is useful for more than just chopping almonds.

Of course, chopping almonds is the most important task – and it will do it with ease! Do note that this chopper is manually operated, so it does require a little bit of strength to slice them. If you are someone with mobility issues, it may be better to choose an automatic chopper.

This appliance comes with four different blades for slicing, cutting, shredding and grinding. This means that whether you just want to chop your almonds lightly, or ground them into a powder, you can with this appliance.

The bright green colour may not be for everyone, but we love how it makes this a unique and colourful choice for your kitchen!

#2. Prepworks  by Progressive Nut Chopper

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This patented chopper from Progressive is a great option for chopping nuts such as almonds. Although it is a manually operated chopper, it makes cutting almonds a breeze, and requires hardly any muscle at all!

We love how easy it is to get different grinds from this chopper — simply change the direction to get either coarsely or fine grinds. Plus, the finished product drops down into the convenient storage container at the bottom, which has cups marked out, making it ideal if you are following a recipe.

This chopper is made especially for slicing, dicing and grinding nuts, so you can be assured it will work with almonds. It can also chop filberts, peanuts, pecans and walnuts easily.

We love the bright red colour of this chopper, as it adds a bit of an accent to any kitchentop. We are sure that it will make you smile whenever you look at it!

#3. Electric Food Chopper by Homeleader

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If you are looking for a great quality electric food chopper, then take a look at this offering from Homeleader. It’s a general food chopper that has been specifically designed to withstanding chopping and grinding nuts.

The chopper has a maximum capacity of 1.2 litres, which is plenty for personal use. It also has a silica gel sealing ring which prevents any spattering — very important to stop bits of nuts flying up while you are using the electric chopper!

As this chopper is entirely electric, it requires no physical exertion to use. This means that this product is excellent for people with mobility issues, as no muscle strength is required. Just turn it on, and watch it chop nuts in seconds!

The motor has 300 watts and four ultra-sharp blades, making it a very powerful product that does a great job chopping nuts as well as processing other types of food.

And the winner is…

All of these three nut choppers do a great job. One of the main things to think about when choosing which nut chopper suits you best, is whether you want it to be automatically or manually operated. While manual operation is cheaper and gives you more control over how it is ground, it does require a lot more physical exertion. If you have mobility issues, the automatic Electric Food Chopper is probably going to be better.

Overall, however, the Prepworks by Progressive is our pick as the best nut chopper for almonds. It’s been specifically designed to get excellent results for all types of nuts, so you can be assured that it will do a great job time and time again.

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