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Big Green Egg is a company that’s known for making some of the highest-quality smokers and grills on the market. These products have an unbelievable quality and versatility. You can use the machine to smoke meat, grill meat, cook vegetables, and even cook pizza. All you need for the perfect pizza is a pizza peel.

The Usefulness of Pizza Peels

Peels are one of the oldest tools that bakers all over the world use. A peel is basically a type of flat shovel that can be used to retrieve pastries, pizza, bread, and other items from extremely hot ovens. When you’re talking about pizza, the best peel is one that lets you have a crisp crust without anything being burned.

If you’re using a Big Green Egg machine, you clearly care a lot about quality. To get the best pizza possible, you should match your high-end machine with the best possible accessories.

Professional pizza makers tend to use long peels. These peels can be nearly three feet in length. They’re used when an oven is extremely hot, so hot that a baker can’t safely go near the door. But when you’re cooking at home, you probably don’t heat your oven to quite this standard. If you don’t have a dramatic flair, you’ll want a product that’s a little smaller and easier to use.

Comparison Table

Brand NameDimensions Colors Material
#1. Epicurean Natural Pizza Peel
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21.5 x 14 inches 6 color options Thermoset plastic
#2. Outset Offset Pizza Peel

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21 x 6 inches 9 style options Stainless steel, rosewood handle
#3. American Metalcraft Aluminium Pizza Peel

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28 x 12 inches 1 color/style Aluminum blade, wooden handle

How to Choose the Best Pizza Peel

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re selecting the best pizza peel for your kitchen.

The first is the size of the pan. If you’re using the peel as a shovel, you want to make sure it’s big enough to pick up your pizza. Some peels are made for pulling out oversized pizzas, while others can only handle small sizes. It’s important to pick a peel that will suit the size of your oven.

The next is the size of the handle. You want a handle that’s long enough for you to easily reach into the oven. The hotter your oven burns, the longer you’ll want the handle to be.

Lastly, you want to think about the material. Some peels are made of wood, while others are made of different metals. There are even some peels made from heat-resistant plastic! You want a durable material that can stand up to the heat of your oven.

The Best Pizza Peels for Big Green Egg

#1. Epicurean Natural Pizza Peel

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This is a high-quality composite plastic peel. It’s an ideal option if you find wood peels a little too thick. Thermoset plastic is thin, lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

The reversible peel comes with a beveled front edge. There are 7 color options available, ranging from neutral to metallic tones. The modified plastic material is nonporous, knife friendly, durable, lightweight, and safe to use in the dishwasher. Cleanup is simple.

You can prep, cut, and serve your pizza on the peel surface. It won’t crack or warp. The peel is especially helpful in scooping the pizza from the oven.

This peel was made in the United States out of sustainable materials. It is temperature-resistant at up to 350 degrees. A built-in hole in the handle makes it easy to store in a multitude of places, either by hanging it up or laying it flat.

#2. Outset Offset Pizza Peel

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When you’re working with Big Green Egg, metal peels are the name of the game. It’s hard to beat Outset’s Offset Pizza Peel. This peel comes with a short handle and a wide pan, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

The gleaming stainless steel construction includes a smooth, oversized surface for the spatula. The handsome handle is made from rosewood and helps ensure your fingers are protected from the heat. In addition, the handle will fold down to make storage easier.

This peel provides a restaurant-style way to transfer pizza and other dishes. You can use it for biscuits in addition to pizza.

#3. American Metalcraft Aluminium Pizza Peel

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This pizza peel is ideal thanks to its durability and length. The face is wide enough to hold a pizza of at least fourteen inches. It also has a notable design that uses both metal and wood to give you the best peel. Pizzas can easily be slid out of the oven.

There’s a 12-inch wooden handle that ensures your hand stays safe as you maneuver the pizza. It also has a comfortable grip, so the peel won’t slide around in your hand.

The aluminum blade is durable and ideal for making large pizzas. The design also uses lightweight construction components to make cleaning and using the peel easier than ever.

If the 28-inch peel isn’t large enough for you, there are other sizes available as well. 37 inch, 54 inch, and 66 inch peels are also available.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of pizza peels that can work well with your Big Green Egg smoker or grill.

The Outset peel is the best one if you’re looking for stainless steel. Stainless steel is more durable than many other materials, and it can easily stand up to the heat.

If you want a peel with multiple sizing options, you might want to go with the American Metalcraft. The variety of sizes is ideal if your oven burns too hot to get close.

The Epicurean peel is a good option if you want a peel that’s made from natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. It’s heat-resistant at up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should be able to handle most pizzas.

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