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For many people, reheated leftovers are a way of life. Freezing your leftovers is a good way to make your food last, rather than wastefully throwing it out. But storing your leftovers improperly can make them taste strange at best, and ruin them at worst.

There are a number of options available for how to store your food. Many people use plastic containers or aluminum foil.

Plastic wrap is one of the most convenient ways to store your food. But not all plastic wrap is the same. Different wraps are created with slightly different formulas and purposes.

Some plastic wraps don’t properly seal your food when you put them in the freezer, which can lead to freezer burn. Other wraps may not be microwave safe. They’ll melt onto your food when you try to reheat them.

It’s important to get a plastic wrap that will preserve your food in the best possible condition.

Comparison Table

Brand NameAmount in Roll BPA Free Microwave Safe
#1. Reynolds Kitchens Quick Cut Plastic Wrap
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250 sq ft Yes Yes
#2. Saran Cling Plus

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200 sq ft NoYes
#3. Glad Press'n Seal Plastic Food Wrap

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70 sq ft Yes Yes
#4. Saran Premium Plastic Wrap

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100 sq ft NoYes

Plastic Wrap Tips

You’ll get the best results if you use plastic wrap with acidic food. It’s also helpful to make sure the food has clean contact with the initial layer of plastic wrap. This is doubly important when you freeze meat, as the chances of freezer burn increase.

If you practice a little, you can get a “vacuum” wrap. You press the first layer of plastic hard over the food, flip it over, and create the most generous coating you can manage. Throughout the process, you push moisture and air out so they don’t get trapped inside.

One of the most important things is making sure that your plastic doesn’t rip. Short-term freezes — those that last maybe a week — may not be adversely affected. But if you freeze exposed food for several months, it will inevitably suffer freezer burn. If you’re not sure whether you’ve torn the wrap, there’s no harm in rewrapping it for good measure.

Another very important thing is to write dates on your frozen food. You should always know exactly when the food was put into your freezer and how long it’s been in there. Forgetting these details means you’ll forget whether the food is good or not.

Best Plastic Wraps for the Freezer

#1. Saran Premium Plastic Wrap

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The Saran formula has recently undergone a change. It no longer has chlorine, so your food is kept safer. In addition, the wrap has an increased level of elasticity. It’s easy to enclose whatever you intend to put in the freezer.

The Premium wrap has a somewhat thicker design than the other available wraps. This allows a greater level of protection for the food. It also makes the wrap more durable, less likely to tear, and easier to use.

The tradeoff is that the wrap doesn’t cling as well as some others. It’s easier to maneuver, but it may not seal the food as well. With that said, the formula is designed to lock moisture in, helping to prevent food from becoming freezer burned.

The wrap is also safe for the microwave. If you want to easily reheat a plate of frozen food, this might be a good choice.

#2. Saran Cling Plus

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Saran has numerous different plastic wraps that each serve a slightly different purpose. This wrap is designed to cling. It adheres better to the surfaces of your dishes than the premium wrap. Because of this, it’s better at sealing in the freshness of your food.

However, the clinginess can make it frustrating to handle. It can become stuck to your hands and tangled. If you have trouble maneuvering plastic wrap, this version may cause more problems than solutions.

The wrap is safe for both the freezer and the microwave.

#3. Glad Press’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap

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As far as the square-foot value goes, Glad is on the more expensive side of things. However, it’s BPA free. Saran Wrap is not BPA free. BPA plastic has been linked to numerous health hazards and cancers; putting it near your food can pose a potential health risk.

The Glad plastic wrap is also safe for both the freezer and the microwave. Glad uses Gripex technology to encourage the wrap to adhere to food, wood, plastic, and glass. It locks in moisture by adhering to dishes. The seal helps prevent freezer burn.

#4. Reynolds Kitchens Quick Cut Plastic Wrap

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Most people are familiar with the aluminum foil Reynolds produces. But they’re also experts in plastic wrap.

One thing that sets this wrap apart from others is the Starter Edge tab. No matter what, it’s always easy to find the plastic wrap’s edge. There’s also a specialized cutter that ensures you get a clean cut every time, so you don’t deal with waste and tangling.

The wrap is safe for the freezer and the microwave. It’s also BPA free.

Final Thoughts

Saran Wrap is an industry leader in plastic wrap. The Premium wrap is easier to handle than many other wraps, while the Cling wrap adheres more closely to your dishes. However, both of these use BPA plastics, which can pose a potential health risk.

Glad is slightly more expensive per square foot, but it uses specialized technology to cling to your dishes and food. Glad’s plastic is also BPA free.

If you want an exceptionally easy-to-use wrap, the Reynolds wrap is a BPA-free, freezer-safe wrap with multiple convenience features. You can always find the edge of the roll, and the cutter helps ensure you get a smooth sheet every time.

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