Best Rolling Pin for Tortillas


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Tortillas are a staple of many households. They’re a necessary component of many delicious dishes like chicken wraps, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos. You might try to find the best available tortilla in the store, but the best tortilla is one you make by hand. Whether you want corn or flour or whole grain, this remains true.

Comparison Table

Brand NameLengthMaterialOiled
#1. Creative Home
Our Best Pick

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18 inches Stone and woodNo
#2. Ultra Cuisine

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15.75 inches Stainless steelNo
#3. Classic Cookworks

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8 inches Maple woodYes
#4. Non-Stick Silicone

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9 / 11.81/ 15.35 inches Silicone and woodNo
#5. Tapered Wooden

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15.78 inches WoodNo

What to Know About Tortillas

There’s really nothing better than crafting, preparing, and cooking your tortilla from hand. No store-bought tortilla can compare to that experience. Plus, making your meals yourself can lead to a sense of personal satisfaction.

Tortillas can be made in a few different ways. Some people use tortilla presses, although these tools might make the tortilla too thin. Other people use their hands. Another method is to flatten the dough by using a cast iron pan. But the most common method is to roll your dough with a rolling pin.

There are a number of different rolling pins on the market. When you’re picking the best one to make your tortillas, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, consider the material the pin is made from. Wooden rolling pins are traditional and lightweight, but they also absorb moisture and odor. Stainless steel can be washed in the dishwasher, but it tends to be much heavier than wood.

You should also consider the amount of rolling space. Will you be able to comfortably roll out your tortillas?

Last, consider the diameter of the pin. Pins with a small diameter will become uncomfortable to use after a short time.

The Best Rolling Pins for Tortillas

#1. Classic Cookworks Rolling Pin

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This is an average 8-inch wooden rolling pin. The diameter is 1.75 inches. The majority of rolling pins on the market are larger than this one, but the 8-inch size is perfect for rolling tortillas. If you find yourself annoyed by large rolling pins, this might be the best option for you.

Since the pin is made from maple wood, there are small bumps and dimples left in the tortillas. This adds texture that some people might find pleasing, while others might not like it as much.

Wooden rolling pins have a number of different advantages. They’re lightweight, so anybody can use them no matter what their age or strength. Since the tool is solid, you don’t have to worry that any bearings will go bad. This means that the tool has a longer lifespan than some competitors.

The biggest disadvantage when you use a wood pin is that the wood absorbs moisture from the tortillas. The dough can also stick to the pin. And since you can’t chill the pin, it won’t help cool your dough.

#2. Ultra Cuisine Professional Rolling Pin

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This rolling pin is made from stainless steel. As such, it tends to be heavy. The solid stainless steel block has a non-porous, perfectly smooth finish. If you want your tortillas to be perfectly flat, this is your best option.

The pin is made using a matte finishing. This helps it hold a dusting of flower, which in turn keeps the tortilla dough from sticking.

One advantage of stainless steel pins is that the metal has no pores. It won’t absorb any odors or dry the dough out. In addition, you can chill a stainless steel pin. It’s also easy to wipe clean. Since the construction isn’t wood, you can even put the pin in your dishwasher to simplify the cleaning process.

This pin doesn’t use bearings, which means you have a greater deal of control over the amount of pressure exerted on the dough.

Stainless steel pins are much heavier than wooden pins, though. You have to take great care not to crush your dough. This pin has a small diameter, so it can be uncomfortable to use for very long periods of time.

#3. Creative Home Stone Rolling Pin

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This pin is made from marble, with wooden handles to allow easier handling. It features a 10-inch surface for rolling, with a 4-inch wooden handle on both sides. The pin is handcrafted from one block of marble. It’s a beautiful addition to your kitchen and wonderful to work with.

The pin can be cleaned easily, but you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher because of the wooden handles.

Marble rolling pins are more capable of holding temperatures than other materials. This is an ideal option if you need to make sure your dough stays chilled. Additionally, marble doesn’t have pores, so it won’t absorb moisture or odors. Like stainless steel, marble pins are very durable and long-lasting.

A marble pin will be very heavy, though. If you don’t use care with your rolling, you might crush the dough.

#4. Non- Stick Silicone Rolling Pin

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The silicone rolling pin comes in various sizes in length and can be 1.57 inches or 1.96 inches in diameter. It has a smooth silicone surface with wooden handles. Its great advantage is that it is non-stick and it needs less flour than the other rolling pins to spread dough easily. In addition it does not absorb odors, it is durable and very easy to clean.

As a disadvantage we could say that it is a little heavier than the average but that can be good since it is not necessary to apply as much pressure to flatten the dough.

#5. Tapered Wooden French Rolling Pin

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This wooden rolling pin is very thin and has a diameter of 1.37 what makes it lightweight. This french rolling pin style has tapered edges, perfect for spreading tortilla dough because it puts your hands in the center of the rolling pin and you have control of the pressure you apply to the dough. As it does not have handles it is very easy to clean since it doesn’t have corners where flour or dough accumulates.

If this will be your only rolling pin and you plan to knead other types of larger dough, it has the disadvantage that its use has a small learning curve since at the beginning is easy to accidentally end up rolling with the pointed ends and achieve inconsistency in the dough, leaving some places with thick dough and others with thin dough.

Final Thoughts

You have to keep a number of factors in mind when choosing the right rolling pin for you. Are you prioritizing light weight or a non-porous surface? How large do you want your rolling surface to be?

The wooden rolling pin is an ideal option if you want a pin that’s lightweight. It has a rolling surface that’s perfect for tortillas. However, the wood will absorb moisture, which could dry your dough out. It might also absorb odors from the dough.

Stainless steel is a good choice if you want a heavy-duty, high quality material. Many kitchen tools are made of stainless steel since this material has so many versatile uses.

If you’re looking for a pin that keeps your dough chilled, the marble one might be your best option. Marble pins are also the most aesthetically pleasing option, ideal if you like your kitchenware to double as art.

For people who preferred an easy cleaning rolling pin the non stick silicone rolling pin it is the perfect option, also have three different sizes and color to choose.

Tapered Wooden i is an excellent option for those who want a lightweight rolling pin and need it to stretch doughs of much larger sizes than tortillas


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