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In an ideal world, we’d all be able to make all of our meals from scratch. But not everyone has the time to put together a pizza sauce using their own fresh vegetables and herbs. If you’re making a homemade pizza or other delicious meal, what’s the best store bought sauce to use? We’ve broken down a few of our top favorites.

Comparison Table

ProductVolume Number in Pack Organic
#1. Muir Glen
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15 ounces 12Yes
#2. Don Pepino

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15 ounces 12No
#3. Pastorelli

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8 ounces 12Yes
#4. Chef Boyardee

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15 ounces 12No
#5. San Merican

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14 ounces 1Yes

The Best Store Bought Pizza Sauces

#1. Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce

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This is one of the best, healthiest pizza sauces you’ll find on the market. You won’t find anything closer to a sauce crafted from fresh tomatoes than this option. The cans come in a pack of 12, with 15 ounces in each can, so you’re guaranteed to have enough sauce to handle multiple pizzas.

The tomatoes in the sauce have been grown in the Sacramento Valley, exposed to strong California sunshine and soil. Every tomato is grown on an organic farm. Organic fertilizers are used. There’s no chance of being exposed to harmful chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

The sauce has a thick texture that makes it ideal for New York styled thin pizzas. In addition to the tomatoes, there are a variety of herbs and seasonings that give the sauce an extra flavor punch. You have garlic, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, basil, oregano, and black pepper.

If health is a concern, you’ll be pleased to know that the can has a BPA-free lining. This means that you can store the sauce and use it for long periods of time.

There are other reasons to appreciate the company as well. It’s won an award for conservation because of the way it turns waste into nutrient-rich soil. The company also uses its funds to be part of ongoing projects that help create habitats for bees and other pollinators.

#2. Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

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This original family recipe has been on the market for more than half a century, having made its original debut in 1950. The heart of the recipe is the tomatoes. Every tomato is harvested at peak ripeness. The company’s specialized manufacturing process locks as much freshness and flavor as possible into the sauce.

Since tomatoes become ripe on the vine instead of ripening in storage containers, all the tomatoes in this sauce are fresh. They’re mixed with a healthy corn oil and Don Pepino’s signature blend of spices and herbs. This gives the sauce the flavorful and delicious taste that’s popular for both adults and kids.

This sauce is free from potentially problematic ingredients. There’s no artificial coloring, added sugar, chemical additives, or citric acid. You can buy twelve 15-ounce cans at once to have enough sauce to last a long time.

#3. Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Italian Chef

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Pizza is perhaps the most quintessential Italian food. Though it originated in Italy, this delicious meal is eaten all over the world nowadays. If you want to bring some authentic Italian flair into your homemade pizza cooking, this sauce is a great place to start. Pastorelli is a company with long, interesting roots that date to central Italy.

One member of the Pastorelli family began distributing food in Italy in the 1800s. Following this, his son brought the family’s legacy over to the United States. Pastorelli’s first canned pizza sauce was introduced to the market in 1952, giving authentic flavors and taste of Italian cuisine.

Even today, the recipe continues to reflect the original Italian sauce. It’s made from San Marzano styled tomatoes, which are popular in cooking because of their low acidity and sweet flavoring. On top of that, the sauce contains authentic Pecorino Romano cheese. This cheese is robust, salty, and sharp, making it an ideal garnish for soup and pizza.

The unique combination of tomatoes, salt, herbs, cheese, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil has been formulated down to a delicious science that suits any homemade pizza.

#4. Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce with Cheese

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Maybe you want to go with a cheaper, more largely known brand. If that’s the case, this sauce may be right for you. It will appeal to people who love rich cheddar cheese and vine-ripe tomatoes. Not only can you use this sauce as the base for your pizza, but it’s also a delicious additive to plain foods like bagels and English muffins.

The can has a label explaining all the ingredients inside. You also have information on the calories in each serving. There are no flavor-altering preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about anything marring the rich flavors.

#5. San Merican Tomato Pizza Sauce

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This is a great pizza sauce choice if you’re looking for pizza that’s available in a glass jar rather than a can. Many people are hesitant to use canned food, even when it’s been given a safe BPA-free lining. Glass jars are a more healthful alternative.

The sauce is also special because of the similarities to San Marzano plum tomatoes, which are popular in Italian cuisine. They’re sweeter than the average tomato and boast a low acidity rating.

Final Thoughts

The healthiest, freshest choice is Muir Glen. Since the ingredients are organic, no chemicals are ever used, and the lining of the can is BPA-free, it’s the best choice for your health. The company is also involved in multiple ethical projects to help the environment, so it’s a good investment if you’re eco-conscious.

If you want to support a family business, the Don Pepino sauce has been around since 1950. It’s a healthier choice than many alternatives, and the unique blend of spices and herbs give it its signature taste.

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