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Whisks are a relatively new addition to the modern kitchen. Although the idea of a whisk has been around since at least the 18th century, Julia Childs introduced the whisk into American kitchens in 1963 when she used a wire whisk to prepare omelets instead of electric egg beaters.

More air is beat into the eggs using this method, and the omelet is much lighter when you use a wire whisk.

Most whisks are made from stainless steel wire, but they are made from other materials, including wood and nylon plastic, or silicone-coated wire.

Keep in mind that, since most whisks are made of metal, they are not good for the non-stick coating of your pots and pans.

Quick Comparison: Best Whisk for Eggs

BrandDishwasher Safe?Easy to Clean?Easy to Use?Good quality?Material
#1. Mikey Store
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YesYesThe easiestYesStainless steel
#2. Dragonn

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YesYesEasyGenerally, yesStainless steel
#3. VansieHome

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YesYesEasierYesStainless steel

1. Dragonn Stainless Steel Whisks, Set of #3

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This set of three whisks is constructed of durable stainless steel and is rust resistant. The handle is ergonomically designed to give you good balance and control. They are non-stick and simple to clean, even in the dishwasher.

The end is stainless steel and allows you to hang them on a hook, if you wish, instead of putting them in a drawer.

Each is a balloon whisk, and the largest is good for large bowls of batter, while the middle one is the best for beating eggs.

The smallest is best for small batches of sauce or dressing. The largest is 12 inches, while the medium-sized one is 10 inches, and the smallest is eight inches.

These whisks have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with them, Dragonn will replace or refund your money completely.

Some users felt that they were too light, and that they didn’t seem to be as sturdy as they expected.

2. VansieHome Wand Ball Whisk

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You can purchase either a 10-inch version or 10-inch and 12-inch versions of this whisk from VansieHome in a combination package.

This whisk has several wires extending from the handle. The ends of each stainless steel wire have a small ball at the end.

This allows you to whip air into your food quickly. That can decrease the amount of time that you have to whisk your food. The wires never cross, so you can use the whisks on thick soups with chunks, and the food won’t get caught.

The design also allows you to get into the corners of pans, and it’s good at whipping cream, egg, or stirring liquid and batters. You can also use it for sauces and to mix dry ingredients.

None of the wires cross, and there is no place for food to get stuck. This makes the whisk easy to clean and more sanitary. The whisk is safe for the dishwasher.

3. Mikey Store Egg Whisk

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This whisk has a unique design in that you just press down on the top of the whisk, and it moves in circular fashion automatically.

You don’t have to use any wrist movement, but it’s as good as an electric mixer. You can put it in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to clean.

It’s very versatile, meaning you can use it to beat your eggs, or for any other food where a whisk is necessary. It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust over the years. It is completely rust and corrosion resistant.

How to Whip and Fold in Egg Whites

Final Verdict

Of these three whisks, the VansieHome Wand Ball Whisk or the Mikey Store Egg Whisk would be great picks.

The Mikey store Egg Whisk makes it easier for you to cook with its innovative push-top design. You don’t have to use your wrists for long stretches at a time when you whisk.

The VansieHome whisk allows more air to enter your eggs when you’re whisking them, and it is very easy to clean, compared to the traditionally-designed Dragonn whisks.

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Other different types of Whisks to consider

There are different types of whisks, and it can be confusing to know what they are each used for. In general, they are used for whipping, bringing air into and getting rid of lumps in food, and blending.

Some are mechanical or electric, but most are hand-held and hand-powered.

What is a spring whisk used for?

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People use spring whisks by pressing up and down on the handle, or they twirl them between their palms. They are great at scraping the bottom of pans and blending. They are not very good at whipping, which is important for fluffy omelets.

What is a balloon or piano whisk used for?

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A balloon whisk is constructed from flexible wires that connect at one end attached to a handle. There are several different sizes.

These are great for mixing eggs, whisking eggs into whites or cream for meringues or whipped cream, and you can also use them for gently missing together dry ingredients instead of having to use a sifter. Balloon whisks are also called piano whisks.

What is a double balloon whisk used for?

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Double balloon whisks are used to provide extra whipping power, and they are considered by some to be novelties more than necessities in the kitchen.

Inside it, a wire balloon sits inside another balloon. This helps you blend and whip batters and sauces easily. It is said it is great getting rid of lumps in gravies, whipping up meringues and whipping cream, and they are good for thick batter. They are great for whipping air into eggs.

French Whisk

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French whisks are related to the balloon whisk, but they are narrower and better for scraping the sides of big bowls. You want to use one of these if you’re whisking large batches of eggs.

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