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A wok is an unbelievably versatile cooking pan that’s useful in any kitchen. While traditionally used for stir fry, a wok can also make a wide range of other dishes. With a wok, you can char meat to perfection, steam vegetables, and crisp vegetables without losing their flavor.

Using a wok over an electric stove may limit your options, though. There are a number of things to keep in mind when seeking a wok for an induction or electric stove.

Comparison Table

Brand NameDiameter Material Handle
#1. Helen Chen
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14 inch Carbon steel Bamboo handle
#2. M.V. Trading Wok

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16 inch Carbon steel Wooden handle
#3. Joyce Chen Classic Wok Set

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14 inch Carbon steel Wooden handle
#4. Calphalon Contemporary Wok

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12 inch Anodized aluminum Stainless steel handle

How to Choose a Wok


The best wok is one with a flat bottom. Many wok designs have round bottoms. When used with an electric stove, this prevents the heat from dispersing evenly. Instead, the heat stays at the very bottom of the well.

There are potential drawbacks to a too-flat wok, though. Wok style cooking involves a great deal of tossing and mixing. This can be difficult with a flat or shallow pan.

Flat for Electric Stoves

If you’re working with electricity, you’ll want to gravitate toward flat pans. Traditional woks are rounded, with the flat-bottomed versions being a Western creation. They work better for electric stoves because they allow more even heating.

Totally round woks aren’t stable on the flat surface of an electric stove. If you do gravitate toward rounded models, it’s possible to purchase a ring stand to provide stability.


The size of the pan is an important consideration. How much cooking surface does it have? You’ll want to keep in mind the number of people you typically cook for, the frequency with which you expect to use the wok, and what you’ll be making.

Average woks are somewhere between ten and fourteen inches in diameter. Larger woks tend to provide more even distribution of heat.


You’ll find woks made in a variety of different materials. For an electric stove, though, carbon steel is the best option. It outperforms cast iron in its heat conduction, particularly with electric stoves.

With that said, carbon steel woks will often require multiple seasonings if you want to use them continuously.


Wok style cooking involves a combination of tossing and cooking. For this reason, the versatility of the handles is important.

Many woks come with two handles. One is the longer, main handle. The other is a helping handle for you to grip when you’re tossing heavy ingredients.

The handles will typically be made of a different material from the pan, oftentimes wood or bamboo. Ideal handles won’t conduct heat during the cooking process.

Top Picks for Best Wok for Electric Stove

#1. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen

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This carbon steel wok is designed with a flat bottom. The bamboo handle doesn’t conduct heat, so it’s comfortable to hold in your hand as you cook. The opposite end of the wok also has a helper handle, allowing you to shake the wok when it becomes heavy.

The wok comes with an aluminum lid that makes it easy to steam dishes. You’ll need to season the pan upon first getting it.

Another nice feature is the option for vertical storage. If you hang your pots and pans in the kitchen, you’ll be pleased to note that the long handle has a ring attached.

#2. M.V. Trading Wok

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This wok is also fashioned from traditional carbon steel. It’s safe for use with electric stoves, so you don’t need to worry about the cookware becoming damaged.

One of the most appealing features of this wok is the 16-inch diameter. This is a huge amount of cooking space. There’s also an ideal flat bottom design.

The wok features helper handles fashioned from blond wood. This makes the shape simple and convenient for tossing, stirring, and mixing.

#3. Joyce Chen Classic Wok Set

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The wok in this set has everything you need in a good wok. Plus, you get some additional goodies. This is a great option if you want to add extra items to your kitchen.

The wok is constructed with heavy carbon steel. A flat bottom can work with both induction and electric stove tops.

The birchwood handles don’t conduct heat, making them safe to use throughout the cooking process. There’s one full sized handle along with a helper handle.

As for extra goodies, the wok includes a lid, along with a spatula made of bamboo. You also get a recipe book!

#4. Calphalon Contemporary Wok

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Calphalon is known for making kitchenware that can stand the test of time. The same is true of their contemporary wok.

The design breaks somewhat from tradition, throwing a modern twist into the mix. Rather than a carbon steel construction, this wok is made out of anodized aluminum. The material functions as an equally good conductor for electric stoves.

The stainless steel handles stay cool throughout the cooking process. You also get the traditional flat bottom.

This wok is somewhat smaller than the others, with a diameter of just 12 inches. It’s also been given a non-stick coating, so you don’t need to season it.

Final Thoughts

The best wok for you will vary depending on your kitchen preferences.

The Helen Chen is an ideal option if you want aesthetically appealing bamboo handles. It’s also good if you prefer to store your kitchenware vertically.

The M.V. Trading will appeal to people who want a large cook space. It has the largest cooking area of any wok on the list.

The Joyce Chen set is great if you’d like a spatula, lid, and recipe book along with your wok. The recipes can be great for inspiration!

If you’re a fan of modern, non-stick designs, the Calphalon wok may be the one for you.

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