How Do I Choose The Right Firewood For My Pizza Oven?


So you’ve just bought a new pizza oven and you have bought the pizza peel, you are researching about the pizza stone that you might want to use but you are ready to get cooking. But don’t forget that you still have to buy one of the main things, the pizza oven firewood. Not just any old wood, but the right firewood, to get your oven hot enough for that perfect pizza crust. Your choice of wood can also affect how often you have to stoke your pizza oven.

When you chose your pizza oven you thought about how often you’ll use it if the location is going to be indoors or outdoors, and then choose your pizza oven but now it’s time to choose what type of wood will fit best with your cooking needs. For instance, do you prefer oak firewood that produces more heat but burns hotter? Or maybe cherry which is cooler but burns longer?

Always think about safety first

No matter what type of wood you choose for your pizza oven, there are still important safety precautions that should be taken into account before lighting up those logs! Be sure not only to wear protective clothing like gloves and goggles when operating an oven but also be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from burning wood. If you’re unsure about the safety precautions needed for your oven, contact your local professional pizza oven retailer to ensure a happy and safe cooking experience.

Choose the right pizza oven firewood

So what should you know before choosing firewood? First thing, make sure that it is not treated with chemicals or pesticides. Choosing the right firewood for your oven is not only about safety, but also is an important factor in making sure you get the results you want on your pizza or bread.

We hope this guide has helped with choosing the best firewood to fit your cooking needs!

The best firewood for your oven is going to be the one that gives you optimal cooking results with a slightly sweet, medium-hot burn that’s easy to manage and clean after each use. In other words, it should have similar characteristics as your favorite bottle of red wine!

Here are some common types of wood used in pizza ovens and their general benefits:

Oak firewood has a slightly sweet flavor with medium heat output. It can burn hotter than some other types of wood but for shorter amounts of time.

Cherry firewood is great for longer burning sessions which will give you more cooking time on your pizza oven, but be warned that it burns at lower temperatures!

Hickory firewood provides very high heat output which will make your oven extremely hot, but it burns more quickly. This type of wood is best used for fast baking times.

Maple firewood has a good combination of heat and longer burning ability which allows you to hold the temperature at a more constant level while cooking with your pizza oven.

Pine firewood is a great choice for the person who wants easy to manage and clean wood that isn’t too intense on heat or burning time. It can also be used as kindling because of its high resin content, making it an ideal beginner’s choice!

You’ll want your firewood to burn slightly slower and for a longer period of time while cooking on your oven, which will also help keep the temperature more consistent.

Since some types of wood can be harder to find locally, you may want to consider pre-ordering larger quantities from a trusted firewood dealer if you know how much wood you’ll need for your pizza oven.

Here is what you want to keep in mind when deciding on the firewood that you are going to choose :

Consider the burning rate of the wood

Like we stated above, different wood has varying burning rates. Some will burn faster than others. This aspect is important when searching for firewood to fire up your pizza oven. Slow-burning wood will take longer before requiring you to add more to the oven.

On the other hand, the softwood that burns quickly will require you to have a heap of firewood. Also, you must be next to your oven to ensure that the fire remains consistent by adding more firewood. So, when choosing for pizza oven firewood, go for those that burn longer.

In particular, hardwood such as oak, peach, pecan, and walnut are good examples to consider. Always avoid the softwood trees such as pine as they will burn faster than the latter.

Prioritize your desired aroma and flavor

Certainly, the taste of the smoked pizza relies on the type of firewood/charcoal you used. The smoke from your firewood of choice will form part of your pizza aroma and taste. For this reason, these elements should be a priority when choosing firewood.

Fruitwood can be a perfect source of firewood for your pizza oven. This wood comes with a powerful aroma and flavor. So, if you want a flavored pizza, consider using fruitwood such as almond, apple, plum, cherry, and pear.

Assess the BTU needs

Depending on the type of pizza you are making, you will require varying levels of energy measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit). Likewise, different wood releases different BTU levels. The appropriate firewood for your pizza oven is the one aligning with its BTU requirements. As such, it is essential to get information on the BTU levels of various woods to determine the best choice for your pizza oven.

Use dry wood with the right moisture level

Are you wondering why your firewood pizza oven is always producing smoke? Maybe this is the reason you are reading this article. The major cause of smoke in pizza ovens is using damp wood. Greenwood or freshly cut wood will likely burn poorly and generate a lot of smoke. Also, the smoke will cause soot that will ruin your delicious pizza.

For this reason, always use dry wood. Ensure your wood is chemical or paint-free too. However, moisture levels are important. Do not go for 100% dry wood. For an easy and efficient burning rate, consider using wood with not less than 20% moisture. Such wood requires a drying period of between 6 months and two years. So, consider investing in a wood moisture gauge.

The type of firewood pizza oven you are using

When choosing firewood for your pizza oven, considering its type is essential. The different oven has varying construction thatdetermines their heat retention. For instance, brick ovens have high heat retention than stainless ones. Such an oven can do well with softwood or few pieces of hardwood.

However, for the stainless oven, you will need the hardwood firewood as it burns slowly. This will ensure a consistent heat level. But remember to check your pizza oven to ensure you add more firewood regularly. So, pay attention to the construction material of your firewood pizza oven.

Wrapping up

It is important to know the type of wood you are buying, how it will affect your pizza’s taste and smell. There are many types of firewood that work well in a variety of ovens. The hardwoods burn slower than softwoods, which can be good for brick ovens or stainless steel ones with high heat retention. It is also important to keep moisture levels in mind when choosing the right kind of wood for your pizza oven – too dry won’t produce enough smoke while damp or green wood produces sooty flames that ruin pizzas. Finally, if you’re using an outdoor grill instead of an actual pizza oven, there are specific kinds of grilling woods like mesquite that provide excellent flavor without any residual soot on food!

Similarly, a perfect choice of pizza oven firewood is equal to a delicious smoked pizza. This way, you will enjoy a great pizza cooked in your own pizza oven.


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