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pots and pans with removable handles

Pots and pans are our everyday savior. We don’t see much going on down there, but it’s actually one piece of technology that made our lives much easier. Extended throughout ages in most cultures, we can find them in lots of different types.  

Today I’m going to write about this particular kind, the pots and pans with removable handles. This kitchen-trend is observing a huge market sales boom. Its expansion is due its beneficial innovation: stacking, safety, multi-functionality and much more. I’ll also refresh the cooktop essentials so we can dive thoroughly in the market. This will give you your own criteria to determine what are the best pots and pans with removable handles.

Benefits of getting cookware sets with removable handles

The cookware with removable handles, also known as detachable handles, has increased its adepts in at least the last 5 years. They represent a huge increase in cooking practicality and commodity. Nowadays there are entire sets of it, not just cast iron skillets with removable handles. But what are the benefits of having one of those?

Space saving 

This may sound intuitive but when it comes to saving space in our shelves, the removable handles cookware is top-notch. With so much going on around our kitchens, finding some space for minimalism might be highly beneficial. 

The handles may be restless as toddlers can be, or maybe even more. Selfish as only children, they love crashing other handles. But these stackable pots and pans will ease up all of this mess. You’ll be able to put them all together in a blink of an eye. And even more, you’ll take advantage of all the space on your cooktop, oven or wherever you are cooking. 


This is important, no more burnt fingers. Handling the hot pans is much easier with them, as you’ll remove the handles before introducing the cookware to the cooktop. Even if best saucepan sets have handles that tend to tolerate temperature, they’re a solution for this issue.

The pots and pans with removable handles can in general withstand high temperatures without much effort. This of course, will strictly depend on the material that the pan was made of. But still, in the past we’d had to check twice if handles would melt or what. Not anymore.


There’s nothing that these guys can’t handle. Everything is within their domains. Cooking? Fine job. Baking? Easy stuff. Serving? C’mon… the bar is still too low.  

From sautéing vegetables to baking some muffins, the detachable handles add the versatility component to the game. And it’s distinctive. Furthermore, if you have served someday with the pots and pans you must know it’s not very guest-pleasing. 

But from now on, it can be both simple for serving while it’s aesthetic. The removable handles cookware mean no more clumsy accident risks, and no kitchen-vibes on the dinner table. 

Easy to clean

The space between the pan and the handles is sometimes quite difficult to access with a sponge or a dish cloth. Might be insignificant for some, but it might breed enough bacteria to turn you into a cockroach. Don’t believe me? Ask Kafka.

But now seriously, who hasn’t cursed the heavens for doing a mess cooking some scrambled eggs? Things can get hard in that lil space. Removing the handles might be a really, really quick solution. Not to mention when things get greasy. 

Types of cooktop

As promises are made to be kept, I’ll go shallowly through some cooktop basics. This is always a matter of state when stuffing cookware, because not all materials withstand all heat sources. The most common ones are gas, electric and induction. But we can also find vitroceramic types.


The traditional stove uses gas-fed flame as a heat source. Offers very fast heating, easy to control and it’s where our intuitive thermometer works the best. The sealed burners and the grats will provide a good experience out of gas cooktops. They’re safe, easy to clean, and useful to lay your cookware with removable handles. 


The most extended nowadays are the electric cooktops. The electrical coils will raise the temperature of the surface dispensing the flame. Thus much safer than the aforesaid option. You also have very different kinds within this type, grasping a wide price range.  Almost all materials can withstand the (frequently) low temperatures of electric heating. 


This is also a modern cooktop type, as it does not rely on radiation nor thermal conduction. Its heat source is induction. It itself with electromagnetic currents were heavily developed in WWII. It provides very fast and even heating, and detectors are built within so they can shut down if there’s no pot upside. Copper and aluminum don’t work on them.


Another very popular choice nowadays, it has several similarities with induction cooktops. Both are very easy to clean, easy to slide pots and pans, and affordable. The big differences are that in vitroceramic cooktops you can heat any kind of material, but it raises the temperature much slower. 

Best 5 pots and pans with removable handles

Up to this point, I’ve said enough. With all these specs in mind, you should now be in your way to master the art of buying. So I’ve gathered some fine options out there, let’s see:


1. T-Fal Neo Grand Bleu Premier with Detachable Handle 

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I must say it’s a beautiful set. It includes a 10” frying pan, 10” wick pan, 6” and 7” saucepan, a butterfly glass lid and a seal lid. The handle is 7” x 2”. These grand bleu aluminium pieces are the solution to the small kitchen problem and probably one of the best saucepan sets. A set of stackable pots and pans without handles in our way. Both dishwasher and oven safe, and will work in any cooktop, except induction due to the material magnetic properties. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatility
  • 1 handles lifts-them-all


  • Only 1 handle
  • High cost
  • Not induction cooktop friendly


2. Neoflam Midas Multicolor Removable Handle Set, 9 pieces

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The neoflam multicolor is one of the most funny sets I’ve seen. It includes a 1.7 qt sauce pan, 2.5 qt stockpot, 3 qt low stockpot, a 11” frying pan, a stock pot plastic lid, a low stockpot plastic and glass lid. The handle has a beautiful design and is quite simple to use, only by clicking its button. Besides, the plastic lids can turn the cookware into some food storage containers. You’ll find light blue, red, green and yellow pieces now in your kitchen.


  • Space saving
  • Durable 
  • PFOA and PTFE free


  • Poor handle quality
  • Not quite scratch resistant


3. Magma Products, 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set, Induction Cooktops

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Magma’s Premium Cookware Sets are made with 100% Stainless Steel exteriors. This means that the cookware heats evenly and safely, and is also dishwasher safe. The Triple-Clad bottoms make the cookware even more efficient, and the high quality ferromagnetic stainless steel activates magnetics in all induction cooking surfaces. Safe up to 500°F oven temperature(excluding handles). Dishwasher safe. With so many 5 star reviews, there’s a reason it’s so loved.


  • The food tastes and cooks great.
  • The cookware is very space-efficient.
  • The removable handles make it easier to load in the dishwasher.
  • There is no dripping on the sides of the pans, so everything stays clean.
  • The cookware works great with my induction range
  • Works with high temperatures living up to its reputation


  • Cleaning without a dishwasher is tedius and need to make sure you are using enough oil at the base while cooking
  • The handle quality could be better


4. MasterPan Aluminium Fry Pan with Detachable Handle, 11”

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But why if one-piece is enough for you? Well, you have several good options. One of those is this classic series of MasterPan pans. This black non-stick cast aluminium has its detachable handle. And what a piece, sir. Done in a beautiful and stylish wood design. And the popular cast iron skillets with removable handles are way more heavy than aluminium ones. Of this series, you also have a very fine crepe pan. 


  • Xylan non-stick coating
  • Warp-resistant due cast aluminium properties
  • Even heat distribution


  • No clear instructions for handle manipulation
  • Xylan is not eco-friendly


5. Neoflam Midas Fry Pan with Glass Lid and Removable Handle

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This Midas Neoflam piece with detachable handles is a top-pick for those who are seeking something really versatile. A 10” deep fry pan with lid, can be found both in emerald and red colors. The lid portrays good quality aesthetics that will stand for top-notch kitchen standards. As it’s done in cast aluminium is extremely lightweight, and with the ceramic coating it bears great non-stick properties. PTFE and PFOA free.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Nestable design
  • Lid with steam vent
  • Ecologic


  • Handle needs careful manipulation
  • Not very durable


Final Thoughts

Pots and pans with removable handles are an excellent pick for space saving, versatility and safety. There are different types of cooktops that imply diverse characteristics, and not all of them support all kinds of materials. The most common ones are gas, electrical, induction and vitroceramic. Due to their magnetic properties, copper and aluminium are not a good match for induction cooktops.

I’ve done some research as well, and presented you the 5 best pots and pans with removable handles out there. We’ve seen 3 complete sets, and 2 separate pieces.


The gathers the good options for frying and baking while being highly nestable.


is very high quality and will last you a lifetime.


 and  are excellent one piece options for those who aren’t looking for a complete set.


But the  has everything said before and much more. The grand bleu elegant design will withstand most severe style critics. Stylish and has a high-performance in the kitchen. It’s an outstanding set with both glass and plastic lids, good for both cooking and storing food. It has a sensational durability and non-sticking properties that will be your brother-in-arm for a long time. 

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