The 6 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed


food before bed

Many people are convinced that eating after 6 pm is strictly forbidden. But a proper dinner, even before bedtime, will not cause much damage to the body shape, it can even, on the contrary, accelerate the metabolism. For more tips about healthy sleep, visit this website


A balanced snack can help reduce weight. Thanks to it, the sugar level is stabilized, and the glucagon – fat-burning hormone – gradually relieves a person of extra pounds.


Snacking an hour and a half before bedtime is good because it helps to maintain a stable sugar level in the blood. Don’t fool yourself not paying attention to the feeling of hunger. Do not go to bed on an empty stomach. It is important to understand that even during sleep, the body continues to use energy. You sleep, but calories are still being burned. And the body still needs “refueling” so that the efficiency coefficient remains at the right level.


What can you eat at night to have a sound sleep?


White rice

Often people, in order to lose weight, try to replace white rice with brown rice. Nutritionists say that there is no need to do it. White rice contains enough vitamins and minerals, and it also improves sleep quality. The expert recommends eating 100 grams of boiled rice an hour before bedtime. Just do not overdo it with seasonings or sauces and turn a light dinner into a real feast of the stomach.



Soup is also on the list of allowed dishes for a late dinner. The secret is simple – any warm fluids have a calming effect on the body. Allow yourself a small portion of chicken or vegetable soup. The main thing is that it does not contain lentils or beans. These products are not suitable for dinner, because they are taking long and are hard to digest. It’s definitely not possible to fall asleep having just eaten them.



A sandwich can also be a healthy meal. Do not just make a smoked sausage and a wheat bun sandwich. For “night” sandwiches, whole wheat crackers and boiled breast of turkey or chicken are perfect. Add fresh herbs and a tomato: you will get a tasty, healthy and hearty dinner.


Cheese appetizer

Boiled breast meat goes well with cheese. The combination of poultry and cheese is one of the most correct and good ones. In addition, the cheese contains a complex protein that gives a person a feeling of fullness and also speeds up metabolism.



Dishes from fish and seafood are assimilated in just 45 minutes, and pork and beef take more than five hours to be processed! So, at night you can eat a portion of (even oily) fish without a twinge of conscience and be sure that you will have no problem sleeping. The combination of omega-3s, fatty acids, and vitamin D improves sleep quality.


Pork fat (mostly Ukrainian cuisine though)

Few people know that it is impossible to get fat from fat – unless, of course, you eat a ton of it. There are no carbohydrates in fat that can cause excess weight.

A small piece the size of half your index finger eaten at night will even be beneficial. Fat contains a lot of “good” cholesterol, which is necessary for lubricating joints and elasticity of blood vessels.


By the way, the best fat is the salty one. Eat it with garlic or onions, and you will not have to suffer from colds. There is nothing useful in fried or smoked pork fat though.



The specialists advise using honey, raisins, prunes and dark chocolate as a sweet treat at night. They have higher antioxidant content than other sweet foods.

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