The Best Ways To Use Your Toaster


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Toasting is as old as civilization itself. Even the ancient Egyptians fried stale bread. Today, you can cook delicious, versatile breakfast snacks using an oven or toaster. At first glance, it seems that making a sandwich is easy. However, to create something out of the ordinary, you should first choose the right ingredients. To make your breakfast not only tasty but also healthy, pay attention to the following points: 

  • choice of bread;
  • preparation of bread;
  • stuffing for salty sandwiches; 
  • sweet toast stuffing. 

Let’s consider these in more detail.

Choice of bread

First of all, you need to decide which toast bread you like best. We suggest the following options: 

Normal bread for sandwiches. Whether it’s white, rye or wheat, any soft bread for sandwiches is always great for toasting. The bread is always sliced, so the toast will be the same.

Cereal bread is perfect for crunchy crust lovers. Pay attention to the following types of bread: gray bread, halo, loaf, baguette, or French loaf. More information about toasters you can find this.

How to prepare bread in a toaster

Cook bread before switching on the appliance. Slice it so that the pieces are not too thick or too wide, otherwise, the toaster will be full, and its edges will burn. 

Next steps:


  • Carefully place the cooked slices of bread in the slots in the toaster. If the bread doesn’t fit, cut it. Make sure that the slices don’t touch the heating coils of the appliance.   
  • Adjust the toaster to the desired color of the bread. Adjust the lever depending on the type and thickness of the bread and your preferences. You can choose brown and crispy toast, or you can make a softer one. If you’re not sure what you want, set the lowest level and then move to higher temperatures if the toast seems undercooked.
  • When the cycle is over, pull out the toast.

How to prepare bread in an oven

To fry bread evenly, place it in the convection oven: 

  • Place flat slices of bread on a tray, in a pan, or directly on the oven rack. 
  • Put the rack in the highest possible place. 
  • Turn on the oven to the highest possible temperature and minimum time. Make sure that the food is not burnt out. 
  • Use tweezers to turn the bread over to fry both sides. 
  • Remove the toasts from the oven.

Sweet toast stuffing

A toast can be cut into two or four parts, or it can be left as a whole. This is a matter of taste. 

For sweet sandwiches, you can use: 

  • Butter (chocolate butter). 
  • Jelly. 
  • Jam. A toast with jam is a fast and nutritious breakfast. Put a thin layer of jam on toasted bread and decorate it with fresh berries. 
  • Honey. 
  • Sweet syrup. 
  • Caramel of your own preparation. 
  • Berries or fruits. You can make tasty and healthy sandwiches if you put liquid honey on a toast and decorate it with berries. 
  • Sweet cottage cheese. 
  • Peanut butter. 
  • Condensed milk.

Salty toast stuffing

You can use the following stuffings: 

  • Egg. Slice an ordinary hard egg thin and put it on toast. Together with the egg, you can use vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce. The toast looks like this: bread, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced eggs, and cucumbers.   
  • Scrambled eggs. A toast with fried eggs and green onions is a great dish. 
  • Ham. A quick breakfast consists of fried bread, lettuce, ham, and some pepper. 
  • Bacon. A toast with bacon and mustard is also a good option. 
  • Chicken.
  • Fish. For example, tuna. A simple and delicious snack, tuna sandwiches, can be served for breakfast or afternoon, or you can take it with you for a picnic or work. To cook these sandwiches, mix canned tuna with mayonnaise (2 tbsp), mustard (1 tbsp) and lemon juice (⅓ lemon). Put the mixture on a toast.  
  • Mushrooms. 
  • Cheese. Any soft cheese such as Feta is a great option. 
  • Fresh vegetables. To fill up with energy in the morning, start your breakfast with vegetables. Dry the bread in a toaster, cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds. Slice the tomatoes and cucumbers and tear lettuce. The toast will look like this: bread, salad, cheese, cucumber, tomato. You can put pepper, salt, and decorate the top with herbs. 

Advantages of toasts

Of course, each of us has our own unique taste, from clothing to food. Some people like soft bread from the oven, and others like crispy toasts. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a toast, being a drier product, absorbs more moisture in the stomach than bread, and its consumption is considered more useful. If you’re on a diet and want to make a toast at home, you can replace the ordinary bread with low-calorie one. The benefits of such toasts will cheer you up all day long. 

The advantages of toasts are: 

More useful qualities than in bread. 

Easy cooking. 

Cooking speed. 

Better absorbed by the body. 

Less irritating to the stomach. This is perfect for people with gastritis. 


You can combine toasts with any products.

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