Thermos Can Insulator Vs Yeti Rambler Colster: Koozies Review


There is no doubt that people like cold drinks, particularly during hot summer days. However, it can be very frustrating to feel your drink getting warmer as time goes by.

For that reason, people are always trying to find innovative ways to keep their drinks cold for longer periods of time. By most accounts, one of the most successful inventions that were created with this end has been the koozie.

An insulated sleeve that is designed to host a can containing a cold liquid, the koozie is both practical and efficient. As a result, there are many models of this product out there. However, because of this prevalence, it can be somewhat difficult to choose between them.

With that in mind, the present review will compare two of the best koozie models on the market: the Thermos Koozie and the Yeti Colster.

Quick comparison: Thermos Vs Yeti

BrandWeightCapacityExterior materialInsulation
#1. Yeti Rambler Colster
Our Best Pick

Check Price
9 x 3.1 x 4.9 inches6 ounces12 ouncesStainless steel
#2. Thermos Koozie

Check Price
3 x 3 x 7.3 inches2 ounces12 OuncesStainless steel


First things first: When you buy a new koozie (or any other receptacle or container for beverages) you want to be able to hold it properly. This is particularly true if you are going to drink directly from it.

Taking that into account, any insulator for cold drinks worth the name needs to be very ergonomic, allowing users to hold it securely and without effort.

In addition to the shape of the container, it is important that the external materials of the container provide a good grip.

In this area, the Thermos Koozie is up there with the best. Without being too small, the container fits well in the hands of the great majority of adults. As a matter of fact, it is smaller and easier to hold than the Yeti Colster.

Simultaneously, the product has rubber grips covering the stainless steel that makes the external surface of the object, providing a good grip and greatly diminishing its possibility of slipping out of your hand.

In addition, it has a scratch resistant non-slip base that helps maintain a secure grip at all times.

Apart from being thinner and easier to hold for people with smaller hands, the Yeti Colster has an adjustable rubber ring at the top that helps you get a good grip.

Insulation and Temperature Retention

With double-wall vacuum insulation, both these products have a similar structure for temperature retention. However, despite the similarities in construction and technology, they do not provide the exact same amount of temperature retention.

Without a doubt, the Thermos Koozie works very well, keeping your drink’s temperature ten times longer than if it was in a naked can.

However, the Yeti Colster is clearly superior because it maintains the temperature of a beverage for almost twice as long as its Thermos-branded counterpart. The reason for this advantage is that, apart from insulating the liquid, the Yeti Colster keeps air out of the container, increasing temperature retention.

It should also be mentioned that, due to having a special sweat-proof technology, the Thermos Koozie eliminates the possibility of having condensation drops rolling off the container and staining tables or creating discomfort in general.

Loading and Locking

Having been designed with practicality in mind, both products are fairly easy to load. However, the Thermos Koozie takes the advantage in that respect due to having a simpler loading mechanism. The Yeti Colster, however, is a bit more complicated.

In order to place a can in the Yeti Colster, you need to perform a few extra steps by unscrewing the gasket and then putting it back in place after the can has been loaded. The Thermos Koozie is as simple as it gets in terms of loading: Just put the can in and you are ready to go.

Initially, it may seem that the more complicated nature of the Yeti’s loading and locking system is purely a disadvantage. However, this mechanism has a reason to be: Its load and lock gasket maintains the can in its place, preventing accidents such as spills or even the entire can falling out.


Another factor that is very important when it comes to containers that are meant to hold liquid is stability. There is nothing worse than having a freshly-opened can of refreshing, cold liquid spilling out.

In order to be stable, a koozie needs to have a strong, supportive base. In addition, it needs to have the right proportions. If it is too tall and not wide enough, it will fall down fairly easily. However, one that is too thick will not be ergonomic enough to be functional.

Taking that into consideration, it can be stated that both products that are featured in this review are very stable. However, because it is a bit wider, the Yeti Colster allows the liquid to move around inside without causing it to topple over.

In addition, the Yeti’s locking technology makes it so that, in the case of an accident where it ends up toppling over, the consequences will be much less catastrophic. For these two reasons, it needs to be said that the Yeti Colster has the advantage when it comes to stability.

Final Verdict:

Even though both products are fantastic, it needs to be said that the Yeti Colster has a few advantages over the Thermos Koozie that make it the superior product. Having roughly the same features but being more stable and more secure, the Yeti is definitely the way to go.

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