Best Home Use Ice Machine

Scoop Of Ice

If you do any kind of entertaining from the home, you know how essential a fully stocked bar is. But have you ever considered what makes your cocktails so delicious? The spirits themselves are integral, sure, but the ice becomes equally important when you’re creating cocktails from your home bar.

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Best Saucepan for Making Fudge and Candy

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge

Candymaking is fun and rewarding. Hands down, the most popular, traditional home-made confection is fudge.

A few simple tools and a little patience will yield wonderful results, but before you start you’ve got to have the right equipment, and that means a great pot needs to be your first priority.

What Makes a Great Fudge Pot?

A fudge pan needs to be large enough to hold all of your ingredients, even when they expand and bubble during cooking.

The minimum volume I’d recommend for candy making is 3.5 quarts, but in many cases you might wish to use a bigger pan as some recipes call for a fairly large volume of ingredients and you wouldn’t want to risk the serious burns and mess that can be a problem if you boil over a hot sugar mixture.

In addition to size, you also need a pot with a heavy bottom that will distribute heat evenly and protect your confections from scorching.

Tall sides are a plus, as is a pour spout and a nicely fitted lid. Sturdy handles will allow you to move the pot off of a hot burner safely and help immensely when transferring hot candy from the cooking pan to a mold or sheet pan for cooling.

Let’s take a look at a few pots that work well as fudge pots, and I’ll explain why I like each one, as well as tell you which one is my hands down favorite.

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Best Cookbook for Fussy and Picky Eaters

, eggshell, flour, rolling– stock image Baking background with blank cook book, eggshell, flour, rolling — Stock Photo #63197527 Baking light warm background with blank cook book, cutting board, eggshell, bread, flour, rolling pin. Vintage wood table from above. Rustic background with free text space

Having a picky eater in the house is a real challenge sometimes. Sometimes they do not like what you have made for the rest of the family.

Sometimes they are being picky just for the sake of being picky. Either way, they can be a real pain. However, there is hope and you do have some options.

Picky eaters are not picky due to food allergies or some medical condition. Picky eaters will only eat certain foods, disregarding the rest.

Do not make them their own meal. You are normalizing their behavior by doing this. They need to get to know about other foods. They should eat what everyone else is eating.

Some kids are picky eaters because they are only eating those foods. They need to get to know other foods before they get too fussy. Sometimes learning about other foods will help to broaden their horizons, making them less picky.

Brand Name
#1. The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution

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#2. The Picky Palate Cookbook

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#3. Healthy Eating for Picky Eaters

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#4. The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book

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#5. The Picky Eater Project

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Best Cheese Straw Press

crunchy Cheese Straws on white background

Cheese straws are familiar snacks or side appetizers that are usually served in the Southern parts of the United States and in England.

If you love to snack or just nibble on tidbits from time to time, then cheese straws are for you! So how are cheese straws made?

Cheese straws are made by cutting strips from a recipe of margarine, flour, cayenne pepper and cheddar. Cutting the strips would be made easier when a cookie press is used.

A cookie press is some sort of cylindrical tool used for shaping – cookies of course, and whatever else you would like to shape from a flour mixture or recipe.

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Best Tool to Cut Hard Cheese

still life with cheese

If you love cheese like just about anyone else, you may want to know the best ways to cut it. You may not know all the different types of cheese cutting tools there are, or that there are specific tools that you can use depending on the types of cheese you want to cut.

The following should be the guide you are looking for, especially if you have hard cheeses in mind.

Brand Name
#1. Adjustable Roller Slicer

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#2. Cheese Plane

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#3. Narrow Plane Knife

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#4. Chisel Knife

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#5. Cheese Slicer and Board

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#6. Cheddar Clever

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#7. Flat Cheese Knife

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#8. Cheese Grater

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#9. Fork-Tipped Spear

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#10. Small Spade

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#11. Hard Cheese Knife

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#12. Rind Cutter

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#13. Parmesan Knife

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#14. Tear-Shaped Knife

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Best Mason Jars for Smoothies and Juicing

Watermelon lemonade with blueberries

If you’ve been exploring Pinterest or hanging out on Facebook, you’ve likely seen people putting everything from salads to smoothies in Mason jars.

While cute, Mason jars are also extremely practical, especially for carrying around your smoothies and juices. So, if you’ve joined the health revolution of juicing and green smoothies or are looking to start, now is the time!

When you’re immersed in the world of healthy smoothie recipes and eating well, the container in which you put your drink is not always at the forefront of your mind. But, it should be. You see, the quality of container can impact the quality of your juice.

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Best Containers for Cereal

Food storage container (with breakfast cereal).

Cereal is a great breakfast food that is loved by kids and adults alike. We love the crunchy taste early in the morning in a bowl with milk, while it also doubles as an in-between meal or evening snack.

The challenge comes when you need to store the cereal after you have opened it. Cereal tends to become stale quickly.

Becoming stale changes the texture of the cereal as makes it less desirable to eat. Limp soggy cereal is a big turnoff as a beginning to the day.

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Best Stainless Steel Potato Peeler for Home Kitchens

Copy Space Area with Peeled Patatoes and Peeler

It wasn’t a military punishment for minor infractions for nothing. And it’s not a task that elicits moans and groans from the person asked to do it for no reason.

Peeling potatoes is a real chore. Not only is it time-consuming (especially if you are making a potato-heavy dish) but it can also be dangerous if you don’t have the proper tool to peel with. And to top it all off, sometimes it’s not that easy to do!

You could always use a traditional knife for your peeling needs, but potato peelers are made for that specific purpose and will keep your hands safer and yield more potato than peels.

See below for reviews on some of the best peelers on the market right now:

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