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One of the best things in the world is the taste and smell of fresh bread. There are so many different types of delicious bread. Sourdough loaves are some of the tastiest.

You don’t have to buy sourdough already baked — you can make this delicious bread yourself! It’s easy to do by hand, and with the help of a bread maker, it becomes even easier.

Quick Comparison: Best Bread Maker Machine for Sourdough

BrandSize Options Number of Settings Special Features
#1. Breville
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Four options 13LCD interface
#2. Zojirushi

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One size option 10Dual kneading blades
#3. Cuisinart

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Three size options 12Power-failure backup

All About Sourdough

Sourdough is made by fermenting dough through the use of yeast and lactobacilli. This process is different from using baker’s yeast, which is what leavens most bread. The process of fermentation causes the bread to taste slightly sour, which is where the name comes from.

Before any fermentation occurs, you need to make your starter dough. This tends to be a mix of yeast, lactobacilli, water, and flour. Depending on your preferences, this might be a stiff dough or a liquid batter.

One of the advantages of sourdough bread is that it’s nutritious in addition to being delicious. It’s easy for the digestive system to handle. Lactic acids in the bread help us to absorb more of the minerals and vitamins than in other bread.

Bread Machines and Sourdough

Most machines will allow you to make sourdough bread, provided you’re following the correct recipe. However, certain models work better than some others. One of the most important things is making sure your machine has an adjustable rising timer.

This is because sourdough bread takes much longer to rise than traditional bread made with commercial yeast. It may be difficult to estimate the exact amount of time needed for the dough to rise, as this varies depending on the preferment.

You might want to consider investing in some products to make things easier. One of the best tools available is a sourdough mix for a bread machine. You might also want to look into tool kits to help both starters and experts with their bread-making endeavors.

The Best Bread Makers for Sourdough

The majority of bread makers you find on the market today are equipped to handle sourdough. However, you should do some research before you make your purchase. Simple and cheap models won’t have all the settings you need for a perfect sourdough.

The machines we’ve listed here tend to be a bit more of an investment, but they pay for themselves when you look ahead to years of homemade bread loaves.

#1. The BBM800XL from Breville

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This is one of the best choices available on the market today. You have four size options for your loaves ranging from 1 pound to 2.5 pounds. This means you have a great deal of flexibility regarding the quantity of bread you make.

The Breville bread maker has a number of other unique features as well. There’s an automatic dispenser for fruits and nuts, which adds extra ingredients to the dough at just the right moment. Inside the machine is a collapsible kneading paddle.

This ensures the dough is made into the perfect loaf, but then collapses before the baking process, so you don’t get a hole in the base of your loaves.

A user-friendly LCD screen helps you keep track of the bread’s progress. You can customize your loaves to suit your tastes thanks to the 3 crust colors, 4 loaf sizes, and 13 automatic settings. You even have an option for a delayed timer, so you can decide when you want your bread to be prepared.

The machine is made from sleek and durable stainless steel. It includes 46 recipes to help you get into the bread making process. This is a great pick for all kinds of bread making.

#2. The BB-PAC20 from Zojirushi

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This is another worthwhile bread maker to try. The lid has a crust heater that ensures you get a perfectly even, gorgeously browned crust each time. You also have menu settings for organic and gluten-free ingredients.

This bread maker will bake 2 pound loaves quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the brushed metal outside, the machine looks perfect in all professional kitchen settings.

Mechanically speaking, you won’t find better performance anywhere. There are dual kneading blades rather than a singular blade, ensuring that all loaves are evenly and thoroughly kneaded. The baking cycle is quick, with bread being ready in around 2 hours. You can use the delayed start timer to have the bread begin baking up to 13 hours after you’ve set the machine.

This machine comes with 10 pre-programmed settings that handle sourdough, cake, and basic bread. You also have 3 unique crust settings. Thanks to the clear viewing window, it’s easy to watch the progress of the baking.

The baking pan includes convenient handles that allow you to easily transfer your loaf. In addition, the nonstick pan makes cleanup simple.

You’ll also get an 88 ounce measuring cup, a manual with included recipes, and a measuring spoon with double ends.

#3. The CBK-100SSFR from Cuisinart

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This bread maker is both effective and reliable. It’s the most affordable option on the list. The stainless steel construction means it’ll look great in any kitchen.

There are 12 pre-programmed options, three crust settings, and a delay timer. In addition, you have your choice of 1, 1.5, and 2 pound loaves. The pan, lid, and kneading paddle are all removable for easy cleanup.

A unique aspect of this machine is the stay-cool handles. You also have a power-failure backup, which allows you to make meals even if you’re without power for a few days. Included accessories are a recipe book, spoon, and measuring cup.

Final Thoughts

If you want a number of different size options, the Breville may be the right breadmaker for you. The Cuisinart’s power failure system makes it great if you’re frequently without power.

For multiple setting options and extra accessories, go with the Zojirushi.

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