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Bread is a classic staple of many meals, however it can be a pain to try to cut it effectively. With regular, manual knives, it is not unusual for slices to be uneven and rough. You can even hurt yourself if you are not careful while cutting bread!

That is why electric knives are often a good choice. They make the task of cutting bread so easy, and get excellent results every time.

Electric knives are also a great choice for elderly people or people with mobility issues, as they take much of the hard work out of cutting bread.

Plus, electric knives generally don’t need to be sharpened or have their blades replaced. Therefore, they are very convenient, and often cheaper in the long-term.

Of course, with so many different options on the market, it can be a challenge to find the best electric knife for cutting bread. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the very best in the market, to find the absolute best option for you.

Let’s take a closer look.

At a Glance

Brand NameBladesPowerCordless?
#1. Cuisinart CEK-50
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Carving + bread130 wattNo
#2. Cuisinart CEK-120

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Carving + bread120 wattYes
#3. Black + Decker EK700

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Cutting100 wattNo

#1. Cuisinart CEK-50 Electric Knife

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This is a great value option from an industry leader, Cuisinart as it comes with not one, but two different types of knives.

The two different knives are one for carving, and one for cutting bread. While this article is about the best electric knife for cutting bread, we think it’s great that this product has multiple purposes and can also cut through things like brisket and roasts.

Looking at the bread knife, specifically, it has a serrated edge and a strong blade that’s perfect for precision cutting. You don’t need to apply much pressure at all and it will cut through the bread effortlessly.

I also love that this knife comes with a board for easy storage. Not only is this a good way to keep things need and tidy in the kitchen, but it also looks very stylish.

The Cuisinart knife also features some important safety features including a safety lock. In addition, it is easy to turn it on or off with just the press of a button. I also appreciate the ergonomically designed handle, which means using this for long periods of time is still comfortable.

#2. Cuisinart CEK-120

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If you’d prefer not to have to worry about chords getting in your way, then I love the 120 from Cuisinart. Like the CEK-50, it has a sleek and reliable design that is customary for Cuisinart products.

It comes with several different blades so not only will this effortlessly cut through bread, but you can also use it for cutting other things such as meats, cheeses or even foam.

The ergonomically designed handle is easy to hold and steady, for cutting precision and comfort. Our only issue with this design is that holding the trigger can be a little awkward, especially if you are using it for long periods of time.

The cordless design is very useful, especially if you like to walk around your kitchen and have multiple work spaces. With just one charge from the charger, the knife will work for hours and hours.

All in all, this is a great product from Cuisinart, although those who suffer from hand or wrist pain or weakness might find the trigger a bit uncomfortable.

#3. Black + Decker EK700

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Well known not only for kitchen appliances but general tools, Black = Decker has done a great job with this great value knife for slicing spread.

With a 9 inch serrated blade, this knife can easily cut through loaves of bread, including denser types such as rye. As it is so easy to use, you can easily make sure that each slice is consistently cut.

It also features an ergonomic handle which is great for making sure that you have proper precision, as well as that you can use the product for hours comfortably. The handle is non-slip, which is also for comfort, as well as safety. There is also a safety lock that means the product cannot be turned on while it is in use — great for houses with chidlren.

It has a long chord which is convenient to use, although it can be a little bit annoying if you tend to walk around between work spaces.

The blade is very sharp, and doesn’t need to be sharpened often. This means that over the lifetime of the product it is more convenient and cost-effective than manual lives, which require constant sharpening or even replacement.

I also love that this knife’s blade is totally dishwasher safe. No need to hand wash anything, just pop it into the dishwasher once you’re done and wait for it to be cleaned to perfection!

And the winner is…

I love all three of these products and think they each do a great job of slicing bread. One thing to consider when deciding which electric knife to buy is whether you want a cordless knife or not. The benefit of cordless knives is that you aren’t restricted in your movement, but on the other hand it can be a pain to remember to charge them.

Overall, the Cuisinart CEK-50 Electric Knife is my pick for the best of the lot. I think this knife packs an exceptional punch for its price, and will be a great addition to any kitchen.

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to use, and gives the precision needed to cut even slices time and time again. Then there’s the fact that you get two blades, meaning this knife is perfect for cutting all kinds of things. You won’t need to invest in two separate knives.

Finally, the included storage board is a great addition. It means this product looks great when left out on your counter, or can easily be stored away in a cupboard. It’s definitely a great product!

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