Smokin-It Model #1, #2, #3 Review


Any meat enthusiast will tell you that one of the best ways to prepare meat is to smoke it. This method of cooking produces mouthwatering, delicious meat dishes that are sure to impress your guests or simply provide a great meal for your family.

Every type of meat can be smoked, however some particularly popular types of smoked meats include smoked salmon, and barbecue classics such as ribs or steak.

Well-smoked meats will add that extra bit of flavour to your meat dishes, and help you to produce restaurant quality meals.

Luckily, creating delicious smoked meats has been made far easier with the launch of meat smokers that are suitable for domestic use. These smokers are relatively affordable, and make perfectly smoking meat dishes of your choice incredibly easy.

Of course, not all smokers were created equal and there are many available on the market today. In this article, we will consider three of the most popular smokers on the market, and compare them, to help you find the ideal smoker for your needs.

At A Glance

ProductMaterialCapacityHeatingRacksWarrantyRestaurant Quality?
Model #1
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Stainless Steel22lb400 watts33 yearsYes
Model #2

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Stainless Steel31lb800 watts4 (room for 5)3 yearsYes
Model #3

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Stainless Steel45lb1200 watts4 (room for 5)3 yearsYes

Smoker Model #1 

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The most affordable option from Smokin It, the Model #1 Smoker is an affordable way to get your hands on a high-quality product.

For those who are relatively new to smoking or do not need the larger capacity of Smokin It’s other models, this smoker packs a punch with many great features for an affordable and reasonable price.


The Smoker Model 1 has a capacity of 22 lb, or just a fraction under 10 kilograms. This is plenty of room for meat for a regular family meal, or even for a larger barbecue with friends and family. The size is also large enough to accommodate ribs and large steaks.

The smoker also has three grilling racks, which means it is suitable for smoking different types of meat all at once. For example, you could cook steak or ribs as well as seafood on the other levels, all at once.

Although the Smoker Model 1 has a capacity that is suitable for home use, it is the smallest out of the three smokers we will be reviewing. Therefore, if you frequently entertain large groups then one of the other models might be more appropriate.


The smoker has a 400-watt heating element and is well-insulated with fibreglass on the inside. The result of this is that the temperature control on the Smoker Model #1 is excellent, and heat does not escape from the smoker.

There is a temperature gauge to control the heat of the smoker, so that you as the chef have total control over how to cook your meat. This means that the smoker is flexible and easily adjustable to different types of meat and styles.

The temperature goes between 100 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning there is a good variety of temperatures available. Generally speaking the smoker works most efficiently up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This model does not include a temperature gauge for the meat itself, so you may need to purchase that separately if it is something that you prefer to use while cooking.


One of the best features of the Smoker Model #1 is that it is durable yet convenient. Made from stainless steel, the smoker looks great and is also very durable. It will fit in well in any kitchen or outdoor patio area, and is resistant to the elements such as wind and rain.

Although it is a bit heavy due to being made from high quality stainless steel, there are several thoughtful features that make it easy to use and move around. These include casters on the bottom of the smoker (note that these must be assembled yourself after purchase) and also handles to make lifting the smoker easy.

This means that you can easily move the smoker between locations such as your kitchen and outdoor areas.

Other Features

We have already discussed some of the key features of the Smoker #1, however there is even more to love about this smoker. It has a convenient drip pan to make cleaning it a breeze, and has a 12 foot power chord which is a convenient length. In order to get you smoking meat as soon as you receive your new smoker, it also comes with a sample of hickory wood to get you started immediately.

Overall Thoughts

The Smoker Model #1 is a fantastic entry level smoker that offers fantastic features that defy its modest price tag. For those who are cooking for smaller groups, the Smoker Model #1 is an excellent choice.

Smoker Model #2 

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The mid-range option from Smokin’ It is a bit more expensive, but greatly increases the capacity of meat so as to make this a great option for those who are looking to cook larger quantities of meat.

Again, the Smoker Model #2 offers excellent value with many great features. For more information about this mid-range smoker option, read on!


There is a big jump in the capacity of the Smoker Model #2. It can hold up to 31 lb of meat or seafood, which is approximately 14 kilograms. This is enough for nearly all personal use, including cooking family meals or larger barbecues with friends and family.

The size of the grilling racks is quite large, meaning it accommodates large steaks or ribs, without them needing to be cut into smaller pieces.

The smoker comes with four grilling racks to easily and conveniently grill large quantities of meat, even if they are of different types (such as steak and seafood). In addition, the smoker actually has room for an additional grilling rack if desired.


Another upgrade with the Model #2 smoker is that it has an 800 watt electric heating element for flexible and high temperatures. Like the Model #1 smoker, it has a fibreglass inside and also a two-latch system to ensure that all the heat stays inside the smoker and cooks the meat to perfection. It also means that the smoker cooks consistently, no matter the outside weather.

The Model #2 smoker also has temperatures between 100 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which enables you to cook pretty much every type of meat you might require. Again, there is no internal meat gauge or temperature, so you may wish to purchase this separately if this bothers you.


Like the entry-level model, the Model #2 smoker is made from durable, 18 gauge stainless steel that can last for years. This also means that the smoker is suitable for using inside or outside, and outside weather conditions should not affect the final result. It is recommended that if you are keeping the smoker outdoors, you purchase a cover to protect it from the elements.

This model also comes with four durable casters to make moving the smoker easy. In addition, it has convenient handles to make lifting and moving convenient and simple. There’s no need to struggle with moving this smoker!

Other Features

As with all Smokin’ It smokers, the Smoker Model #2 comes with a drip pan to make cleaning the smoker very easy and straightforward. The chord length of 12 feet is convenient, allowing it to be easily plugged in without creating any tripping or power surge hazards.

The smoker has a three year manufacturers’ warranty.

Overall Thoughts

The Smoker Model #2 is a step up from the Smoker Model #1 in terms of both capacity (holding more meat and having more racks) and power (with 800 watts rather than 400 watts of heating power).

It features all of the same great features and is perfect for those who need that bit of extra space but do not wish to pay as much as the Model #3 smoker.

Model Smoker #3

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For smoking enthusiasts, the Model #3 Smoker is an excellent and exciting purchase, with greater capacity for cooking – both in terms of amount of space and amount of heat.

Even the most picky smoked meat connoisseur will be impressed by the features that the Model #3 Smoke brings with its increased price tag.


The largest of all of Smokin It’s smokers, the Model #3 Smoker has a capacity of approximately 45 lb, or over 20kg. That’s a lot of meat! It’s more than enough for home use and for those who enjoy entertaining large groups of people and want to impress them with delicious smoked meats!

The Model #3 smoker has four large trays for meat, with capacity to fit a fifth. The size of the trays makes cooking large items such as ribs or whole fish a breeze. The other benefit of multiple racks is that you can cook different types of meats all at once.


The Model #3 Smoker is another step up in terms of power, with a 1200 watt heating element. Like the other smokers, it has a fibreglass inside to retain heat easily and consistently. It also has a dual locking system which further allows for a consistent temperature inside, no matter what the weather is outside.

The rheostat temperature gauge gives perfect control over the temperature inside the smoker, which can range from 100 degrees Fahrenheit up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This generous temperature range means that the Model #3 Smoker ca easily smoke all different varieties of meat, in a variety of styles.


Like all Smokin’ It smokers, the Model #3 smoker is made from 18 gauge stainless steel which is super durable in both indoor and outdoor environments. The smoker comes with a three year warranty (like all models), however it is designed to last in excess of this time and Smokin’ It prides itself on their longlasting, high quality products. A cover can be purchased separately to further protect the smoker from the elements.

The smoker comes with four high quality casters so that the smoker can easily be moved around, such as from inside to outside, with minimal physical effort. It also has handles to help make moving it an easy and painless experience!

The smoker has a three year manufacturers’ warranty.

Other Features

The Smoker #3 has a drip pan to catch any mess that might fall from the racks, making cleaning the smoker straightforward and easy. In addition, it has a 12 foot chord which is a convenient length – not too long, and not too short! The chord is suitable for use in all weather types, so can be left outside.

Overall Thoughts

The Smoker #3 is likely to become the new best friend of any meat lover who enjoys smoked meats. Whether you’re a smoking veteran or a total novice, this brilliant smoker will have you producing exceptionally tasty smoked meats in no time.

Especially for those who prefer the additional capacity of this smoker (such as those who enjoy entertaining), the Smoker #3 is a great option for that is sure to impress all of your friends and family.

So, which is the best smoker?

All of the three options by Smokin’ It are exceptional smokers, for the price. Which one is the best for you is likely to largely depend on your own requirements and particularly how much capacity you require. Those who entertain often are likely to prefer the Smoker #3, with its generous 45lb capacity.

Overall, however, we love the affordability, durability and features of the Smoker #1 for everyday use. For most people and families, the Smoker #1 offers plenty of room, and impressive features. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor location, the Smoker #1 will have you cooking up a storm and your guests begging for more delicious smoked meats!

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